About Jennifer

I’ve been a reader since… well, forever, it seems, and I love to share my excitement about books and authors I enjoy. I’ve also developed friendships with many authors, and know how crazy life (especially life on deadline) can be. These things, enthusiasm and understanding, are the first two things I’ll bring into every virtual assisting job I do.

I’ve been setting up blog tours, making promo graphics, and doing beta/proofreading/simple edits for author friends for a few years. I’ve even gone completely mad, and created a yearly convention that happens in Daytona Beach, FL. I’ve done it joyfully, and in most cases, for free… because it’s FUN for me! I get to help authors I admire put out stories I love. That’s a win/win in my book. As a former bookstore manager, I’ve been trying to find a way to stay employed in the “book world”, without much luck. After quite a bit of nudging, I’m going to rely on the things I KNOW I enjoy, and take a new path into that world.

If you’re in the market for someone to take a little off your load, or need an extra pair of hands or eyes, let’s chat. We can set up a regular schedule of administrative and/or social media support, or a one time promotional blast or manuscript edit. I can assure you that my work will be customized to fit your needs, and that my fees will be reasonable and competitive. I can also assure you that I will try to find ways to make each task interesting and fun.

I read (almost exclusively) urban fantasy and paranormal romance, so these are the books I’ll be most excited to work with you on. This preference includes magical realism, steampunk, and paranormal mystery, as long as there is some level of romantic element. I don’t mind “sexy times” mixed in with my magic *wink*, but don’t generally enjoy dark fantasy,  BDSM storylines, or erotica. All promotional events for UF/PNR titles will include a post on my book blog, Books Make Me Happy.


Reviewing your book on my blog is NOT part of any service offered here. My reviews are done on a volunteer basis (honest opinion, no compensation), on my own blog, and are not influenced by any publisher or author dealings, interactions, or preferences. For information about my book reviews blog, please click the link above.


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