Services / Pricing

I read (almost exclusively) urban fantasy and paranormal romance, so these are the books I’ll be most excited to work with you on. This preference includes magical realism, steampunk, and paranormal mystery, as long as there is some level of romantic element. I don’t mind “sexy times” mixed in with my magic *wink*, but don’t generally enjoy dark fantasy,  BDSM storylines, or erotica. All promotional events for UF/PNR titles will include a post on my book blog, Books Make Me Happy.


Reviewing your book on my blog is NOT part of any service offered here. My reviews are done on a volunteer basis (honest opinion, no compensation), on my own blog, and are not influenced by any publisher or author dealings, interactions, or preferences. For information about my book reviews blog, please click the link above.


Payments for services will be processed through Exceptions can be discussed on a case by case basis. To request a service, or ask about something you don’t see listed here, please fill out the form on the “Request A Service” page. Thank you.

Release Day Blasts

The goal for these promotions is to cover the widest possible area of blog networks and social media with news of your release. Release Day Blasts utilize one post, to be shared by participating blogs, and incorporates sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms of your choice. I will create a media kit that includes

  • a copy-and-paste ready HTML .doc
  • any special banner or button graphics
  • book info (cover, blurb, buy links, author bio, etc.)
  • optional contest/giveaway setup and prize fulfillment arrangements

This same general procedure applies to Cover Reveal Blasts and Pre-Order Drives. This is generally the option that requires the least amount of interaction from you, once the original details have been set.

Blog Tours

I love setting up blog tours! I’ve done extensive research to create a network that includes a wide variety of fun, unique, engaging blogs. Some have a smaller, but dedicated readership, and some have a massive audience with diverse tastes. I’ve got a group of blogger friends that I can count on in a pinch, and I’m always looking for the next really great site. I can plan a simple, week-long tour that hits the “hot spots”, or something longer that incorporates a mix of large and small sites, aimed to widen your reach. I will create the same content for blog tours as I do for blasts, but they DO require a bit more on your part. Blog tours typically include:

  • guest posts, interviews, exclusive excerpts
  • site visits to respond to comments and other reader interaction
  • reviews solicitation – review heavy blog tours are typically more difficult to put together, and require more setup time, as they generally involve ARC/Review copies from publishers or through a galley service

I can build the tour around what YOU are comfortable contributing, but you WILL have to contribute something. I promise to make it as painless as possible. I’ll also need to work with your publisher’s marketing/publicity contact (if applicable) to set up review copies and giveaway products.


Facebook Events / Twitter Chats / Etc.

I’d love to help you find fun, creative ways to interact with your fans online. I can brainstorm ideas, then set up events and alerts. Together, we can build a social media event that showcases your work and promotes an active community.

In Person Events

Individual Signings – Nothing quite beats the experience of meeting an author you love, in person, and making that face to face connection. I’ve set up many in-store events, and currently run an author convention with a large book signing. I have contacts at the local Books-A-Million, and am actively looking to add the local Barnes & Noble and several independent bookstores to my network. I can arrange for book ordering (ask about availability) and promotion in local calendars for your reading/signing. Right now, this option is only for the Daytona, FL area. I’m in the process of increasing the areas available to meet more of your needs.

Convention / Book Tour Support – Attending conventions or participating in a book release tour can be a fantastic, whirlwind experience. It can also be draining and cause everything else to get backed up. I can assist at events, answer questions, handle scheduling and transportation details, and make sure that your other “normal” tasks don’t take a hit. This is a big expense, but in the end, having a person to take on some of the stress load will allow you to focus on ENJOYING your time with your fans. Fees would include:

  • all convention related expenses covered (registration, travel, hotel)
  • $15/hour worked (includes prep/scheduling before event, assisting at event, admin upkeep during event)


I’m also the director of the Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach, FL. Coastal Magic is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance themed event. Each February, we bring over 50 authors together with readers and bloggers for a super casual weekend by the beach. Goals of the event include relaxation, interaction, and shenanigans. You can see more about Coastal Magic on the “In Person Events” tab above, or at the official website,

I have a working knowledge of Photoshop Elements, and use that program to create images for your branding and promotional needs.  These include:

  • website banners, buttons, and logos
  • Facebook / Twitter banners
  • blog tour graphics
  • misc. promotional/special event graphics
  • graphic creation for customized swag and event promotional items
  • digital and print cover design (limited availability)
  • custom photo sessions with a  professional photographer to create one-of-a-kind images for your graphics (limited availability)


Inbox Rescue

I’ve heard the horror stories about thousands of emails, piling up and bursting at the cyber-seams, while an author is on deadline. I can help alleviate that and make sure you get important messages.

  • bring high priority emails to your attention, and assist in responding to necessary parties.
  • sort fan email: handle requests for swag, etc. and file personal message emails for you to read and respond to individually.
  • list and respond to blogger requests for promotional appearances, then make arrangements to participate in those you choose.
  • sort low priority emails (and delete spam), allowing you to deal with things at your convenience.

I am aware of the sensitive nature of business correspondence, and you can be sure that I will take care to preserve your privacy and personal information. Inbox rescues can be done to correct an overwhelming problem, or scheduled as regular maintenance to avoid a buildup.

Basic Website / Blog Updates

I’m not a professional web designer or developer, but I’ve maintained and updated quite a few sites through the years. I can do simple updates and minor design changes. (I am comfortable reading page source info to adjust design elements. I’m also open to researching new scripts and coding to enhance a basic layout/design.)

  • update appearances schedules (online and in person)
  • change banner / sidebar images
  • update book lists
  • create / update media kit

Each website request will be evaluated individually, based on the complexity of the site programming and the amount of work needed. I will NOT jeopardize the integrity of your website. Updates

As a Librarian, I can add and update your title information on this popular reader / blogger tool.


One of my short-term goals is to earn an Editing Certificate from an accredited institution. In the mean time, I have studied Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab resources. In addition, I have an eye for detail (my family refers to it as my “editor brain”) and years of reviewing and beta reading experience. I would consider myself a “second step” editing option. First step – self edit to the best of your ability. Second step – take input from knowledgeable readers. Third step – submit to a certified editor. I have given editorial comments on manuscripts for both new and established authors, and have the skills necessary to identify basic (often overlooked) issues and offer valuable feedback.


  • look for spelling errors, awkward writing patterns (word repetition, misused words / phrases, sentence structure issues)
  • general feedback

Beta Reading

  • same as above
  • note continuity issues and problems with plot timing / flow
  • general feedback

Line Editing

  • same as above
  • line by line corrections / suggestions for specific grammar or sentence structure issues
  • note any plot holes or character development issues
  • detailed feedback

All notes will be made using Word, utilizing its track changes and comments tools. Timeline for job completion will be determined based on your need and my current workload. Other tasks (character profile sheets, reverse outlines, etc.) can be discussed, as well.



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