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I read (almost exclusively) urban fantasy and paranormal romance, so these are the books I’ll be most excited to work with you on. This preference includes magical realism, steampunk, and paranormal mystery, as long as there is some level of romantic element. I don’t mind “sexy times” mixed in with my magic *wink*, but don’t generally enjoy dark fantasy, BDSM storylines, or erotica. All promotional events for UF/PNR titles will include a post on my book blog, Books Make Me Happy.


Reviewing your book on my blog is NOT part of any service offered here. My reviews are done on a volunteer basis (honest opinion, no compensation), on my own blog, and are not influenced by any publisher or author dealings, interactions, or preferences. For information about my book reviews blog, please click the link above.


To request a service, or ask about something you don’t see listed on my services page, please fill out the form below. Please note: simply requesting a service does not guarantee that I will accept your request. I reserve the right to deny any service request, for any reason. Please allow up to one week for a response before resending. Thank you.


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